5 Clever Ways To Save Money On Holiday Gifts This Year

5 Clever Ideas For Saving On Holiday Gifts This Year - Taylor Mead

So, I've been counting down the days until Christmas 2018 since, well...December 26, 2017. SUE ME! But, now that it's officially here, I can't say I'm any more prepared for the shopping. Despite having mentally prepared all year long, my wallet's not quite as ready for the damage.

No matter how big or small your wallet may be, overspending around the holidays doesn't have to be part of the season. By strategically planning ahead and choosing what gifts to spend your money on ( and how many to buy), you can avoid spending money on expedited holiday shipping, save money overall, and actually buy more thoughtful gifts/experiences in the process.

Here are the 5 best ways to save money on holiday gifts, while making the most of the season:

Consider paying for experiences instead of presents.

Every year my girlfriends and I get together and exchange gifts. This year we decided to skip our traditional gift swap and buy tickets to see a show on Broadway together. Tickets to see plays and musicals aren't cheap, but when everyone buys their own ticket in lieu of multiple gifts, it can actually end up being less expensive (depending on the seats you choose, of course). Shows are just one example of all the different experiences you and your special someones can participate in, though. Concerts, festivals, spa trips, sporting events, and other experiences are perfect ways to make the most of the holidays with loved ones—and often times they end up being the most fun!

Organize a Secret Santa or White Elephant.

Another option, if you're looking to skip the individual gift swap, is to organize a Secret Santa or White Elephant so everyone in the group buys just one gift. Similar to choosing experiences over gifts, hosting a gift exchange game is the perfect way to enjoy the holidays with friends instead of worrying about finding gifts for everyone. For those of you who haven't played these present exchange games, the rules are simple: click the links above to learn about them. Remember: the bigger the group for these, the better.

Give group gifts.

Headed to visit your newly married pals? Buy a couple's gift instead of two individual ones. Stopping by your family friends' home? Bring a gift the whole family can use, like a game or holiday movie collection. It's not the number of presents you give that matter, but the thought that counts...really, that's not just a cliché statement, it's true. Bringing one thoughtful gift for multiple people that you can all use together is a great way to spend time with loved ones.

5 Clever Ideas For Saving On Holiday Gifts This Year - Taylor Mead

Use all of those POINTS.

Friends, I cannot resist a rewards account. I could literally shop at a store for the first time ever—one that isn't even near my home—and they'll ask if I want to open an account (not to be confused with a store credit card), and I'm like "Sure, why not? In case I come back 3 years from now." At the end of the day, though, they can't hurt! For every amount you spend, you'll earn points to use toward getting cash and coupons for future purchases. Some of my favorite rewards programs are The Nordy Club at Nordstrom, the Beauty Insider Loyalty Program at Sephora, AEO Connected at American Eagle & Aerie, and Old Navy Rewards.

Take advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Don't sweat it if none of the above options work for you. But even buying gifts for everyone you love individually doesn't have to break the bank. Make a list before Thanksgiving on what you'd like to buy for your friends and family, then tackle the sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These will be some of the biggest sales of the holiday season, so don't miss out! It will save you a lot of money.


5 Clever Ideas For Saving On Holiday Gifts This Year - Taylor Mead


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